My son is a future Netfliks Binger I just know it!!

20150121_072548All morning long my son has been dragging this movie around satin “Pease pease”.This my friends is The wubbulous World Of Doctor Suess,the cats musical tales .Although it’s cute and charming the first few times it gets old fast This and disneyland singalongs are his favorite movies ever.We don’t really let him watch tv just put on sprout in the background  during the day but he never really pays any attention to tv unless someone is singing.

That being said when he loves those two movies.When I was little I loved Beetlejuice   like ridiculously alot!! I used to ask to watch it all the time.I wonder if that’s where this tv binging  got its start.Im not proud but my husband and I are known to get into a series and when the kids r in bed and watch it.Recently we are on a Supernatural kick. I wonder if there’s any correlation there. I hope not but for now we will let him enjoy his moderation and pray that he gets a new favorite soon 🙂 Do your children have that one annoying movie they can’t get enough of??If so comment below.  Thanks for reading .G


4 thoughts on “My son is a future Netfliks Binger I just know it!!

  1. Sara loves Maleficent. and Willy Wonka-the original with Gene Wilder. BP used to love anything. He once told his mother that she couldn’t go to the movies with him and I-to see Harry Potter-because she wasn’t as big a fan as we were. He now loves Castle.


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