Bar Harbor 2016

Hey everyone!Im so excited to share with you our Bar Harbor trip!Everytime I think New Engalnd can’t blow my mind more it does!!!New Hampshire was amazing and after leaving the white mountains I did not expect anything to really top that in terms of scenery .

I was so wrong by the way !!!Anyways we left New Hampshire and made the 4 1/2 drive up to Bar Harbor which was pretty awesome.We stayed outside of Bar Harbor in Ellsworth at The Hampton Inn!I highly recommend that location because you aren’t paying the Bar Harbor prices but still so close to everything! The first day was mostly a day of travel but we stopped at this cute place called the Taxi Cab Diner for dinner.

This place had great service and was a fun atmosphere !The train that went overhead was a big hit for my boys!It seemed very popular too.If you going here keep your eyes peeled it’s down alley way so you don’t miss it !After dinner we drove around a bit but we retired to the hotel to read some books and get a good nights rest!

The next morning we ventured to this little Gem called Jordan’s. Maine  is known for their blueberries and this place as said to have the best muffins!They were right and it was amazing!The muffins were huge and the service was great.They gave wiki sticks and crayons and my kids were never bored!


After er breakfast we checked out a few stores and ventures to Acadia park.I had seen a few pictures but it does not do it justice .If you have the chance to go up caddaliac mountain do it !!!We spent a lot of time checking out the scenery and hiking on the cliffs!I still can’t believe I didn’t have a anxiety atta knwoth my babies up so high but it  as very peaceful and it seemed to have tang affect on them as well!Also we left as the tour buses arrived so it wasn’t packed !

After  enjoying the views we drove a bit to a place I researched called Echo Lake.I chose this over the other beach there because I herd it’s more family friendly and also warmer .This place was so nice because the boys could go out in the water very far and still stand up!!Also it was pretty warm and not very crowded .we played here a long time!

Once we were finished at the the lake we headed back to our hotel for a light lunch and to showers and get ready for later.Once we had relaxed a bit we headed out to the shops of bar harbor.We had so much fun checking out these cute shops.My oldest son bought a Christmas ornament for our tree at one of them.After a lot of shopping we treated the boys to a ice cream cone and stopped to take in the sights!

After walking through some more shops we stopped to throw pennies in a water fountain and a man singing songs from his new kids cd was outside.My kids refur to him as. The muffin man and happily threw a few dollars in his guitar case.When you ask my oldest about this trip he will tell you”I met the muffin man”.

Last thing on our itinerary was dinner at the Lobster Pot.This place was very good.I had the best crab stuffed lobster ever.The kids had fish and chips and my husband had surf and turf.We had to splurge one lobster meal after all it is a staple in Bar Harbor.

Once dinner was finished we went back to the hotel for a splash in the saltwater pool .Then my hubby and boys played with green army men he purchased at a close shop for them.Then we packed to get ready for checkout the next day and went to bed.The only thing we had left on our Bar Harbor to do list was Samantha’s Seal boat.

Orginally I was convince whale watching is what we should do but looking at the schedule it took about 4 hours for a short one .I can’t trap my toddlers on a boat for 4 hours to look at anything haha.So with more research I found a better alternative.Smanthas seal boat was about a hour to a hour and a half.We caught lobster and drove past egg rock to see the seals.It was the prefect end to our vacation.

That’s it our Bar Harbor trip!I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I loved sharing it with you.