The Hardest Easy Choice


Its been a while since I updated but now seems like the perfect time. My husband and I have been kicking around the idea of having him re join the army around the time I was due with my third baby . It made sense for all the things we want for our future. The plan for me to finish my degree ,the fact we can live in a bunch of new places without having to be tied down ,travel more and basically enjoy our retirement in 17 years more.

All that sounds great right? But the deployments and maybe the idea that my husband who haven’t been apart from since 2009 is now going to be away for long stretches of time .That part scared me to death . Then we spent a lot of time I mean alot of time and made the choice to join.

Fast forward to now. Tons of paperwork and then found out he has to be gone for 15 weeks because he missed the cut off for reentry with out basic by 2 weeks .Ughhh .Now I am writing  to you from my mothers house where I am residing with my 3 year old,2 year old and 3 month almost 4 month old until June when I can go meet my hunny and fly back with him.

This has been one of the best decisions I feel we are making for our family and still my heart aches for my husband every day . The kids keep me busy and I am attempting to catch up on my reading,starting my diet , tv shows etc but this first week is really hard .J  broke down crying today and it literally broke me heart. I think this is a good thing he had this extra training to kind of train us to for how it will be when he is away in the future and the kids can see that daddy leaves but he always comes back .  Anyways I just wanted to update everyone on on our journey and let everyone know I will be updating more regularly.

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Butternut Squash and other things


So I was going to make a post about my butternut squash dinner but in Hartmann fashion we were rushing around ate it and moved on with our day without a second thought:/ The recipie is below the post even though there’s no picture 😦
We have a babysitter now that we totally love that we found on It’s super scary to leave our babies with anyone but this lady has all her clearness and is really amazing. It’s so refreshing to know we will be able to start doing more stuff toghther now without the boys!Don’t get me wrong my kids are my world but my husbands my best friend and it so nice to grab dinner without cutting up food and picking up crayons every 3 minutes.
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.Prepare squash by cutting it and taking all the seeds out ,placing it in a baking dish with a little water at 350 for 45 mins about. .mine takes longer
.While that’s baking fry up ground beef
Rinse it off and fry up onions
.mix all ingredients with corn,beans and a little pasta sauce.
.Then clean out squash mixing it into the bowl with the other ingredients and placing it back in n the empty shell for serving.
.sprinkle cheese Ontop if desired
.salt/pepper to taste
*bonus save some squash and add cinnamon fir a late night snack 🙂

Who made these rules?

datenight1Last night my husband and I had the privilege to drop off our boys to my sisters house  for a sleepover. Hurray date night out for us ! We drove the boys over and dropped them off .On our way to our favorite sports bar it came up.The big date night no no ..Our kids.Well not actually our kids but dr  Seuss  and those annoying songs my son likes so much that gets stuck in our heads. It became a half hour conversation over our hard rootbeers . What songs we liked and didn’t like from his shows and I’m pretty sure we spent a good ten minutes talking about Yertle The Turtle.

Naturally then we spent another twenty minutes bragging about how funny/cute our kids are .Eventually we moved off the topic played some triva and then went on with our night.

After browsing alot of articles in the past and a few current the big number 1 rules for date nights are commonly “Don’t talk about your kids”.I’m sorry but really….? How can you have such awesome little people and not have them come up once. Maybe it’s just us but we don’t have any strange rules for date nights and topics that are off limits.I think it’s silly .I understand if that’s ALL you have to talk about or ALL you ever talk about so you may want to mix it up but taking your babies and putting them on a no list just feels wrong .Im not alone in this. My husband has decided the people who are writing these articles must not have children.

My advice is don’t follow those strange top ten dating rules or any of that stuff.Spend time with your spouse and be happy:)Let the conversation go where it wants to go .After all it may be the last time you can complain about Legos all over your floor with a drink in both hands for a while 🙂

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Date Night

20150116_185734Sometimes it’s difficult to plan a date night with two little ones.We usually try and make it out once a month but sometimes we implement a stay at home date night.We both have really been craving wings but it wasn’t worth getting a sitter over.We both realized that if we are to indulge in our craving now is the time because we start of workouts and stuff at the end of the month.So our stay at home date night was wings and beer in bed after the kids go to sleep. The black thing is a upside down laundry basket we used as a table. Then we turned on a movie and enjoyed date night in.It turned out to be a lot of fun and really delicious! !    Thanks for stopping by! G

Quick Post

20150108_105030 Just wanted to share a quick picture of one of my favorite wedding gifts from 2 years ago. Every year I write in it something memorable  that we did that year put a picture in it.This is a great gift for anyone who doesn’t know what to give !!

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