Easter Treats

This month I have been all about the easter snacks!First up are the pb egg nests which are pb,chocolate morsaels ,butter and jelly beans and chow mien noodles . I would post a recipie but I really eyed it !Also the robins eggs were hard for my kids so I ended up decorating some with jelly beans!

Next was the carrot in the dirt .A strawberry dipped in orange colored chocolate.Then I opened  two chocolate pudding cups and crushed Oreos on top and put the “carrot “in.

Lastly comes the yogurt egg pops!My boys went bananas over these. I found a cheap yogurt mold at Walmart  and filled it with strawberry yogurt and blueberries.I added a stick to it and froze it.I ended up making them another batch they loved them so much !

Treats at the holidays are so fun !Let me know what spring treats you make for your family !

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The Hardest Easy Choice


Its been a while since I updated but now seems like the perfect time. My husband and I have been kicking around the idea of having him re join the army around the time I was due with my third baby . It made sense for all the things we want for our future. The plan for me to finish my degree ,the fact we can live in a bunch of new places without having to be tied down ,travel more and basically enjoy our retirement in 17 years more.

All that sounds great right? But the deployments and maybe the idea that my husband who haven’t been apart from since 2009 is now going to be away for long stretches of time .That part scared me to death . Then we spent a lot of time I mean alot of time and made the choice to join.

Fast forward to now. Tons of paperwork and then found out he has to be gone for 15 weeks because he missed the cut off for reentry with out basic by 2 weeks .Ughhh .Now I am writing  to you from my mothers house where I am residing with my 3 year old,2 year old and 3 month almost 4 month old until June when I can go meet my hunny and fly back with him.

This has been one of the best decisions I feel we are making for our family and still my heart aches for my husband every day . The kids keep me busy and I am attempting to catch up on my reading,starting my diet , tv shows etc but this first week is really hard .J  broke down crying today and it literally broke me heart. I think this is a good thing he had this extra training to kind of train us to for how it will be when he is away in the future and the kids can see that daddy leaves but he always comes back .  Anyways I just wanted to update everyone on on our journey and let everyone know I will be updating more regularly.

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Bar Harbor 2016

Hey everyone!Im so excited to share with you our Bar Harbor trip!Everytime I think New Engalnd can’t blow my mind more it does!!!New Hampshire was amazing and after leaving the white mountains I did not expect anything to really top that in terms of scenery .

I was so wrong by the way !!!Anyways we left New Hampshire and made the 4 1/2 drive up to Bar Harbor which was pretty awesome.We stayed outside of Bar Harbor in Ellsworth at The Hampton Inn!I highly recommend that location because you aren’t paying the Bar Harbor prices but still so close to everything! The first day was mostly a day of travel but we stopped at this cute place called the Taxi Cab Diner for dinner.

This place had great service and was a fun atmosphere !The train that went overhead was a big hit for my boys!It seemed very popular too.If you going here keep your eyes peeled it’s down alley way so you don’t miss it !After dinner we drove around a bit but we retired to the hotel to read some books and get a good nights rest!

The next morning we ventured to this little Gem called Jordan’s. Maine  is known for their blueberries and this place as said to have the best muffins!They were right and it was amazing!The muffins were huge and the service was great.They gave wiki sticks and crayons and my kids were never bored!


After er breakfast we checked out a few stores and ventures to Acadia park.I had seen a few pictures but it does not do it justice .If you have the chance to go up caddaliac mountain do it !!!We spent a lot of time checking out the scenery and hiking on the cliffs!I still can’t believe I didn’t have a anxiety atta knwoth my babies up so high but it  as very peaceful and it seemed to have tang affect on them as well!Also we left as the tour buses arrived so it wasn’t packed !

After  enjoying the views we drove a bit to a place I researched called Echo Lake.I chose this over the other beach there because I herd it’s more family friendly and also warmer .This place was so nice because the boys could go out in the water very far and still stand up!!Also it was pretty warm and not very crowded .we played here a long time!

Once we were finished at the the lake we headed back to our hotel for a light lunch and to showers and get ready for later.Once we had relaxed a bit we headed out to the shops of bar harbor.We had so much fun checking out these cute shops.My oldest son bought a Christmas ornament for our tree at one of them.After a lot of shopping we treated the boys to a ice cream cone and stopped to take in the sights!

After walking through some more shops we stopped to throw pennies in a water fountain and a man singing songs from his new kids cd was outside.My kids refur to him as. The muffin man and happily threw a few dollars in his guitar case.When you ask my oldest about this trip he will tell you”I met the muffin man”.

Last thing on our itinerary was dinner at the Lobster Pot.This place was very good.I had the best crab stuffed lobster ever.The kids had fish and chips and my husband had surf and turf.We had to splurge one lobster meal after all it is a staple in Bar Harbor.

Once dinner was finished we went back to the hotel for a splash in the saltwater pool .Then my hubby and boys played with green army men he purchased at a close shop for them.Then we packed to get ready for checkout the next day and went to bed.The only thing we had left on our Bar Harbor to do list was Samantha’s Seal boat.

Orginally I was convince whale watching is what we should do but looking at the schedule it took about 4 hours for a short one .I can’t trap my toddlers on a boat for 4 hours to look at anything haha.So with more research I found a better alternative.Smanthas seal boat was about a hour to a hour and a half.We caught lobster and drove past egg rock to see the seals.It was the prefect end to our vacation.

That’s it our Bar Harbor trip!I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I loved sharing it with you.


New Hampshire Vacation 2016


The highlight of my summer trips thus far has to be our week in New Engalnd!We spent the first few days in New Hampshire and then the last few days in Bar Harbor Maine.Ever since we visted Vermont  on our Vermont Vacation (click to read about that last summer )I have held a strong urge to see what all New Engalnd has to offer.Its so gorgeous there and is becoming my favorite place to vist even over a beach trip.

I did a lot of research on what would be fun in New Hampshire for my toddlers and came up with some pretty neat stuff !So if you are ever in the area definitely check out some of these hidden gems !These places were super affordable and tons of fun !Heres how our trip started.

Day 1 we arrived and drive around to find a breakfast spot!We found a little place called Pegs !As a honest reviewer I have to say I wasn’t super impressed with it but it was very busy and understaffed .The kids were a bit antsy to since they just went on a long drive so that probably didn’t help the mood haha

Next we went to a pretty popular stop called Clarks Trading Post in Jefferson New Hampshire.My kids loved this place.We watched the Chinese circus acts and the bear show .We also rode the train that had a “wolfman that would chase it “all the kids on the train loved yelling “scram ya old goat”as he tried to “take over the train”.My oldest still talks about it to this day.They also had a upside down house and  magic show place ,boats and a water slide but it was raining and we were ready to check into our hotel at this point ! We stayed at the Best Western in the white mountains and the views as soon a s you stepped out of your hotel is like a dream.

After we checked into our hotel we grabbed lunch from a local subway and lunched by Boise Rock .Both the kids had fallen asleep so my hubby and I took turns checking out the Rock and taking pics.Afterwards we drove up to a scenic lookout and saw gorgeous views. A good pointer is not to rely on your Gps in these areas.Your signal gets lost easy and we always use a good old fashioned Map or else we would never find our way anywhere.

We drove around a lot and looked at the mountains(how much more touristy could we get 🙂 ) We decided on dinner in a town over though the name escapes me .It was a cute little pub and we had Delicous French onion soup and  sandwiches .My husband commented on the steak he got and how his best steaks are always in New England! After dinner we made it a very early night and went to bed!

Day 2 of our trip started great !We all slept in which never happens and my husband and I were both actually awake before the kids!We got showers and headed to the continental breakfast at the hotel .

After breakfast we made the journey to Santas Village.It is also located in Jefferson New Hampshire.This place is as they call it pure Joy.It was so hard picking through my pictures of what to share on my blog because there was just so many !As soon as you step out of the car Christmas music is playing and there’s a large nutcracker the older kids can climb up in and slide down.Also a smaller slide for kids my toddlers age to slide on.




Outside is a animatronic  rudlolph who can interact with the children and hold conversations with them.My kids were captivated by this.They also had a large sleigh that the children can climb in and get pictures.While my kids were in it Santa came out and got in the picture!I I’ll treasure that a lot because my youngest B is terrified of sitting in santas lap so this is the only picture I will probably ever have of him smiling with Santa!


Inside the park they have santas elfs caroling and singing songs and the whole place is Christmas themed.We rode the humbug ride which is a haunted house/shooting ride and my son loved shooting the humbugs!The little drummer boy is what you would think of as the teacups and the carrousel is all rudlolphs. We rode all of that and the sliegh that takes you above the park.They had a reindeer feeding station and we purchased apples to feed them.


We visted the gingerbread house for some gingerbread cookies and  ate them in cupcake chairs outside .We also ate lunch at a place calls BurgerMiesters .We did so much here and it’s all aimed for toddlers and preschoolers.90% of the children we saw were ages 2-5.

They had a Ferris wheel and a Christmas train too.Tons of stuff for the kids.Theres a elf academy where you go up to the statues of elfs in the park and punch a whole in your card and at the end get a prize but it was enough to just vist the alphabet elfs for my kids .We ended up spending a lot of time checking out the igloos and fun statues as well!At the end of the day we all felt very merry and bright!

It escapes me what we did for dinner this night but I’m pretty sure we went for Pizza!Then decided to take a dip in the indoor pool and shower and sleep

Day 3

We ventured out to Glen New Hampshire to check out Storyland.This place is a child’s paradise .They had so many things to climb in ,on and do .We spent the whole day here.

From from fun pirate ships,swam boats,Cinderella buggy rides and a spray zone this place tops the charts in toddler fun.We were all dragging by the time we left .My youngest B fell asleep on the train before we even left the park !

After the park we drove around and has to stop to take a picture of this hotel that looked right out of the shining.The picture is in the right bottom corner pictured below .For dinner we grabbed some type of fast food but we weren’t to hungry because we ate so much in the park.We the  settled in because the next day we were headed to the second half of our trip on Bar Harbor Maine!!

Thanks for reading about our adventures !




Disney World Day 3&4

We had a early start on Day 3.We headed out to Gramd Floridian for our charchter breakfast at 1900 Park Fare .It was really nice because the whole place was decorated for Easter !Below are a couple of the eggs they had in the lobby .               After Breakfast we made our way over to Hollywood studios !

It was soo hot out and the kids were super tired so I think we spent a lot of time watching shows here more then anything else.We met some stormtroopers and watched Disney Junior Live and The voyage of the Little Mermaid.Both of my boys slept through different parts of each show and they aren’t ones to sit still like that so knew they were exhausted haha!

After a few shows we walked right into the Great Movie ride which was pretty exciting because the wait time for that ride has always been long every time I had visted Disney .In general the lines were short a lot of places and for it being Easter weekend I was pleasantly surprised. After that we visted Toy story mania and enjoyed pretending to be toy sized .My oldest son was a bit taken back how large woody and Buzz were but still was glad to meet them.


We went to see the Indiana Jones stunt show which was fun but the sky opened up so we never saw the last stunt(but we you tubed it later) 🙂 Thankfully we were more prepared with our rain gear this day and headed over to dinner at the Sci fi cafe!After dinner we made our way out of the park and back to the hotel.It was a early night for us because the Easter Bunny was coming.

Day 4 started out very early .The boys followed plastic eggs that lead to their Easter baskets and enjoyed their Easter goodies.Then had a morning bath and headed to go to Chef Mickey for breakfast .

Chef Mickey is always worth it for us to take the kids and see so many charchters.It really is very worth the money (even though we had a dining plan )After breakfast we went over to Epcot to use our fast passes at The figment of The imagination ride and watch some Pixar shorts in 3D.

We stopped for some kettle corn that my boys went crazy over and even visted with a momma dick and her ducklings crossing the road.My hubby got to enjoy the different drinks in every country (I’m expecting so I couldn’t , but next time I will too) After crossing through lots of countries and going on lots of rides we checked out the butterfly garden and some of the pretty flowers that were out for the Garden Festival.I should add Epcot was basically empty on Easter.Im not over exaggerating .I expected it to be shoulder to shoulder and it was very empty.

We had a nice little lunch inside a pavilion by the land of the living?Im not sure of the name but it’s by the soaring ride.My youngest B enjoyed it a lot because he didn’t have to worry about any charchters while he ate .:)

After lunch we walked right on a few more rides and did more exploring before dinner at Biegarten restaurant in Germany.I have to be honest my morning sickness was kicking in so I had a aversion to most of this buffet but my Hubby loves the authentic German food and my kids surprisingly did to! They also had live Grman music and a nice selection of beer .My husbands favorite part of our trip was this place.I should mention that you do get seated with other famlies in the German tradition .The couple we got seated with were very nice and had two boys as well about elementary school age .They were a really fun group so it was a perfect match.We felt pretty lucky because not every table felt that way toward their table mates !image

After dinner we rode the big Epcot ball and even caught some fireworks.Our trip had been so much fun we decided not to drive back to Pennsylvania after all and book another night to extend our vacation!!!! This was the end of the Disney part of our vacation though.The next day we checked out Daytona Beach and held baby alligators and mini golfed .This vacation was so fun and I highly reccomend busting Disney in the spring !!!




Disney World Day 2016 Day 1&2

I realized as I was going back through all of my pictures that in order to recount our Disney trip I would  really need to break up our trip into seperate blog posts.We did way to much and saw way to many things for it to go into one post.
The first day we drove down to Disney and we got to our resort around lunchtime ! We chose to stay at Disneys All star resort instead of our usual off property resort this time for a few reasons. The main one being the dining plan that was included and our magic bands that we used as cash ,park tickets ,hotel keys etc and it really made traveling around so much easier ! Also the boys loved the theme of All star sports!
We were staying in the football area of the resort and it was really nice .The best part of this resort in my opinion was the toddler pool!My oldest child J could go on his own and play without a lot of hovering from me !Also it was a great place to make new toddler friends.We spent the afternoon in it after lunch !

After the pool we showered and got ready for our dinner in Animal Kingdom.Technically it’s outside of Animal kingdom but my children can’t ride most things there so we opted for a dinner at the Rainforest Cafe outside of Animal Kingdom enterance. We parked and rode the monorail to the beginning of the park and enjoyed the animals and atmosphere of dinner.Heads up some toddlers may not appreciate the loud noises and the thunderstorms !We saw plenty of toddlers crying .My kids however enjoyed the whole thing !!! After we left dinner we made it a early night with bathtime and bed to follow 🙂

Th next day was my favorite ,our day at Magic Kingdom!We had reservations for breakfast at The Crystal Palace!Its a great place to meet tigger,pooh,piglet and eeyore!We love charchter dinners and breakfasts because it frees up our time in the park to do other things besides wait in line to see them.
Turns out my youngest son B does not find charchters very endearing and when Eeyore came up behind him he lost it !My oldest son J loves them all but has decided this trip to become very embaraased any time I tried to take his picture. After breakfast we hit the dumbo ride and got right on! We also rode The little mermaid ride,and small world before we grabbed a snack !Once again those Disney bands came in handy!Just a quick scan and we were all eating ice cream!

A few months ago I was reading up on toddler actvities for waiting in line .I was so convinced with both boys walking it was going to be a disaster but turns out the lines were not bad at all and the long ones they slept in!!! Also certain rides have interactive wait lines as well.
We had So much fun here and rode so many rides toghther! We learned a Disney lesson today that rain gear really isn’t optional if you don’t want to get soaked and our orginal thoughts often don’t need rain jackets for a little sprinkle was wrong VERY wrong !!It was pouring down and soaking our stroller so my hubby had to stop and buy rain covers for all of us and our stroller !We brought them with us for the rest of our trip too haha!image
After that we ate dinner at Cosmic Rays !It was packed but a easy quick service meal and nice to get out of the rain .We stayed at the park until closing which really didn’t surprise me to much since the kids slept in a lot of the lines and even through some rides!My husband and I always have a pact that if one of the kids start acting out or it seems like to much we will go back to the hotel for a while for some down time .Mainly because Disney should be enjoyable for everyone and it’s ok if we miss some stuff we will be back .The kids never needed us to do that since they were very chill and maybe a bit overwhelmed people watching .After a long day of fun we all hit the sheets hard .Read my next post on Day 3&4 of our trip with Hollywood Studios and Epcot !
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ps our baby annoucement happened to be the featured picture here too !!yay for Disney Magic!

Working on new posts

I am here I promise!I have some fun blogs to shAre with everyone too!!we have busted some amazing places with our toddles since my last blog entery and of course I want to share them all with you !!Expect a few entries from me very soon! The first one being about our Disney experiance at Easter !I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

Winter Decorations



These decorations were so fun and simple to make. Even my toddlers got in on the action.To start I went to a craft store . Michaels  had a ton of Christmas things 75% off.Which was pretty awesome since a lot of their branded Christmas stuff worked well for my winter project.
  Then I came home and laid out my six mason jars one for each step,6 tealights that were electronic  (2 Parinoid for real ones)bag of pinecones,bag of fake snow,a bundle if white sparkly twigs and ribbon. My two year old had a blast counting out two pinecone per jar and turning on my votives.
My one year old helped me make the wreath by unwrapping all the mesh from the roll for my wreath:/ It took about 15 minutes to put everything together and up outside. We also added a snowman flag not pictured.
All in all I’m really pleased in how it all turned out!
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Sleepy Hollow New York













This was by far one of the coolest destinations we have ever visted!!I Love all things creepy and this place was definitely odd.The cymetary was awesome the colors of the fall leaves were amazing and my toddler had a great time walking around. The old dutch church festival was really fun.If drinking beer and eating hotdogs for you in the cymetary isn’t your thing skip the festival. They had crafts for kids ,both my kids made pumpkins with stamps and pumpkin cut outs which is now proudly displayed in my curio cabinet 🙂 My husband and I enjoyed our Icahbod beer (ocktoberfest which was by donation so we gave a little extra )they even had scavenger  hunt maps should you be so inclined.The best part was the headless horseman  showing up! Everything in this town has the Washington  Irving flair especially around halloween! !Even the horseman pizza place had items on the kuds menu that were named the Bram bones around katrina van tussell.Its a very fun cool place to vist if you like doing off the track odd stuff like us!!
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Dinosaur Land





Where have I been you ask?Literally hitting every corn maze and hayride in pa and Md these days.October is sooo busy for us but so much fun.We recently went to dinosaur land in Virginia on a play date with friends and it was so cool. There were tons of dinosaurs .The weather was great and the swirling leaves and room to run made it my 2 year old favorite thing we’ve done this fall.Its in whitepost virgina so I highly recommend it if your a dino buff or just for a fun time with friends or family.Its super affordable and even a little gift shop attached!  I will be updating more on other adventures soon!!