Disney World Day 3&4

We had a early start on Day 3.We headed out to Gramd Floridian for our charchter breakfast at 1900 Park Fare .It was really nice because the whole place was decorated for Easter !Below are a couple of the eggs they had in the lobby .               After Breakfast we made our way over to Hollywood studios !

It was soo hot out and the kids were super tired so I think we spent a lot of time watching shows here more then anything else.We met some stormtroopers and watched Disney Junior Live and The voyage of the Little Mermaid.Both of my boys slept through different parts of each show and they aren’t ones to sit still like that so knew they were exhausted haha!

After a few shows we walked right into the Great Movie ride which was pretty exciting because the wait time for that ride has always been long every time I had visted Disney .In general the lines were short a lot of places and for it being Easter weekend I was pleasantly surprised. After that we visted Toy story mania and enjoyed pretending to be toy sized .My oldest son was a bit taken back how large woody and Buzz were but still was glad to meet them.


We went to see the Indiana Jones stunt show which was fun but the sky opened up so we never saw the last stunt(but we you tubed it later) 🙂 Thankfully we were more prepared with our rain gear this day and headed over to dinner at the Sci fi cafe!After dinner we made our way out of the park and back to the hotel.It was a early night for us because the Easter Bunny was coming.

Day 4 started out very early .The boys followed plastic eggs that lead to their Easter baskets and enjoyed their Easter goodies.Then had a morning bath and headed to go to Chef Mickey for breakfast .

Chef Mickey is always worth it for us to take the kids and see so many charchters.It really is very worth the money (even though we had a dining plan )After breakfast we went over to Epcot to use our fast passes at The figment of The imagination ride and watch some Pixar shorts in 3D.

We stopped for some kettle corn that my boys went crazy over and even visted with a momma dick and her ducklings crossing the road.My hubby got to enjoy the different drinks in every country (I’m expecting so I couldn’t , but next time I will too) After crossing through lots of countries and going on lots of rides we checked out the butterfly garden and some of the pretty flowers that were out for the Garden Festival.I should add Epcot was basically empty on Easter.Im not over exaggerating .I expected it to be shoulder to shoulder and it was very empty.

We had a nice little lunch inside a pavilion by the land of the living?Im not sure of the name but it’s by the soaring ride.My youngest B enjoyed it a lot because he didn’t have to worry about any charchters while he ate .:)

After lunch we walked right on a few more rides and did more exploring before dinner at Biegarten restaurant in Germany.I have to be honest my morning sickness was kicking in so I had a aversion to most of this buffet but my Hubby loves the authentic German food and my kids surprisingly did to! They also had live Grman music and a nice selection of beer .My husbands favorite part of our trip was this place.I should mention that you do get seated with other famlies in the German tradition .The couple we got seated with were very nice and had two boys as well about elementary school age .They were a really fun group so it was a perfect match.We felt pretty lucky because not every table felt that way toward their table mates !image

After dinner we rode the big Epcot ball and even caught some fireworks.Our trip had been so much fun we decided not to drive back to Pennsylvania after all and book another night to extend our vacation!!!! This was the end of the Disney part of our vacation though.The next day we checked out Daytona Beach and held baby alligators and mini golfed .This vacation was so fun and I highly reccomend busting Disney in the spring !!!





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