New Hampshire Vacation 2016


The highlight of my summer trips thus far has to be our week in New Engalnd!We spent the first few days in New Hampshire and then the last few days in Bar Harbor Maine.Ever since we visted Vermont  on our Vermont Vacation (click to read about that last summer )I have held a strong urge to see what all New Engalnd has to offer.Its so gorgeous there and is becoming my favorite place to vist even over a beach trip.

I did a lot of research on what would be fun in New Hampshire for my toddlers and came up with some pretty neat stuff !So if you are ever in the area definitely check out some of these hidden gems !These places were super affordable and tons of fun !Heres how our trip started.

Day 1 we arrived and drive around to find a breakfast spot!We found a little place called Pegs !As a honest reviewer I have to say I wasn’t super impressed with it but it was very busy and understaffed .The kids were a bit antsy to since they just went on a long drive so that probably didn’t help the mood haha

Next we went to a pretty popular stop called Clarks Trading Post in Jefferson New Hampshire.My kids loved this place.We watched the Chinese circus acts and the bear show .We also rode the train that had a “wolfman that would chase it “all the kids on the train loved yelling “scram ya old goat”as he tried to “take over the train”.My oldest still talks about it to this day.They also had a upside down house and  magic show place ,boats and a water slide but it was raining and we were ready to check into our hotel at this point ! We stayed at the Best Western in the white mountains and the views as soon a s you stepped out of your hotel is like a dream.

After we checked into our hotel we grabbed lunch from a local subway and lunched by Boise Rock .Both the kids had fallen asleep so my hubby and I took turns checking out the Rock and taking pics.Afterwards we drove up to a scenic lookout and saw gorgeous views. A good pointer is not to rely on your Gps in these areas.Your signal gets lost easy and we always use a good old fashioned Map or else we would never find our way anywhere.

We drove around a lot and looked at the mountains(how much more touristy could we get 🙂 ) We decided on dinner in a town over though the name escapes me .It was a cute little pub and we had Delicous French onion soup and  sandwiches .My husband commented on the steak he got and how his best steaks are always in New England! After dinner we made it a very early night and went to bed!

Day 2 of our trip started great !We all slept in which never happens and my husband and I were both actually awake before the kids!We got showers and headed to the continental breakfast at the hotel .

After breakfast we made the journey to Santas Village.It is also located in Jefferson New Hampshire.This place is as they call it pure Joy.It was so hard picking through my pictures of what to share on my blog because there was just so many !As soon as you step out of the car Christmas music is playing and there’s a large nutcracker the older kids can climb up in and slide down.Also a smaller slide for kids my toddlers age to slide on.




Outside is a animatronic  rudlolph who can interact with the children and hold conversations with them.My kids were captivated by this.They also had a large sleigh that the children can climb in and get pictures.While my kids were in it Santa came out and got in the picture!I I’ll treasure that a lot because my youngest B is terrified of sitting in santas lap so this is the only picture I will probably ever have of him smiling with Santa!


Inside the park they have santas elfs caroling and singing songs and the whole place is Christmas themed.We rode the humbug ride which is a haunted house/shooting ride and my son loved shooting the humbugs!The little drummer boy is what you would think of as the teacups and the carrousel is all rudlolphs. We rode all of that and the sliegh that takes you above the park.They had a reindeer feeding station and we purchased apples to feed them.


We visted the gingerbread house for some gingerbread cookies and  ate them in cupcake chairs outside .We also ate lunch at a place calls BurgerMiesters .We did so much here and it’s all aimed for toddlers and preschoolers.90% of the children we saw were ages 2-5.

They had a Ferris wheel and a Christmas train too.Tons of stuff for the kids.Theres a elf academy where you go up to the statues of elfs in the park and punch a whole in your card and at the end get a prize but it was enough to just vist the alphabet elfs for my kids .We ended up spending a lot of time checking out the igloos and fun statues as well!At the end of the day we all felt very merry and bright!

It escapes me what we did for dinner this night but I’m pretty sure we went for Pizza!Then decided to take a dip in the indoor pool and shower and sleep

Day 3

We ventured out to Glen New Hampshire to check out Storyland.This place is a child’s paradise .They had so many things to climb in ,on and do .We spent the whole day here.

From from fun pirate ships,swam boats,Cinderella buggy rides and a spray zone this place tops the charts in toddler fun.We were all dragging by the time we left .My youngest B fell asleep on the train before we even left the park !

After the park we drove around and has to stop to take a picture of this hotel that looked right out of the shining.The picture is in the right bottom corner pictured below .For dinner we grabbed some type of fast food but we weren’t to hungry because we ate so much in the park.We the  settled in because the next day we were headed to the second half of our trip on Bar Harbor Maine!!

Thanks for reading about our adventures !





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