Disney World Day 2016 Day 1&2

I realized as I was going back through all of my pictures that in order to recount our Disney trip I would  really need to break up our trip into seperate blog posts.We did way to much and saw way to many things for it to go into one post.
The first day we drove down to Disney and we got to our resort around lunchtime ! We chose to stay at Disneys All star resort instead of our usual off property resort this time for a few reasons. The main one being the dining plan that was included and our magic bands that we used as cash ,park tickets ,hotel keys etc and it really made traveling around so much easier ! Also the boys loved the theme of All star sports!
We were staying in the football area of the resort and it was really nice .The best part of this resort in my opinion was the toddler pool!My oldest child J could go on his own and play without a lot of hovering from me !Also it was a great place to make new toddler friends.We spent the afternoon in it after lunch !

After the pool we showered and got ready for our dinner in Animal Kingdom.Technically it’s outside of Animal kingdom but my children can’t ride most things there so we opted for a dinner at the Rainforest Cafe outside of Animal Kingdom enterance. We parked and rode the monorail to the beginning of the park and enjoyed the animals and atmosphere of dinner.Heads up some toddlers may not appreciate the loud noises and the thunderstorms !We saw plenty of toddlers crying .My kids however enjoyed the whole thing !!! After we left dinner we made it a early night with bathtime and bed to follow 🙂

Th next day was my favorite ,our day at Magic Kingdom!We had reservations for breakfast at The Crystal Palace!Its a great place to meet tigger,pooh,piglet and eeyore!We love charchter dinners and breakfasts because it frees up our time in the park to do other things besides wait in line to see them.
Turns out my youngest son B does not find charchters very endearing and when Eeyore came up behind him he lost it !My oldest son J loves them all but has decided this trip to become very embaraased any time I tried to take his picture. After breakfast we hit the dumbo ride and got right on! We also rode The little mermaid ride,and small world before we grabbed a snack !Once again those Disney bands came in handy!Just a quick scan and we were all eating ice cream!

A few months ago I was reading up on toddler actvities for waiting in line .I was so convinced with both boys walking it was going to be a disaster but turns out the lines were not bad at all and the long ones they slept in!!! Also certain rides have interactive wait lines as well.
We had So much fun here and rode so many rides toghther! We learned a Disney lesson today that rain gear really isn’t optional if you don’t want to get soaked and our orginal thoughts often don’t need rain jackets for a little sprinkle was wrong VERY wrong !!It was pouring down and soaking our stroller so my hubby had to stop and buy rain covers for all of us and our stroller !We brought them with us for the rest of our trip too haha!image
After that we ate dinner at Cosmic Rays !It was packed but a easy quick service meal and nice to get out of the rain .We stayed at the park until closing which really didn’t surprise me to much since the kids slept in a lot of the lines and even through some rides!My husband and I always have a pact that if one of the kids start acting out or it seems like to much we will go back to the hotel for a while for some down time .Mainly because Disney should be enjoyable for everyone and it’s ok if we miss some stuff we will be back .The kids never needed us to do that since they were very chill and maybe a bit overwhelmed people watching .After a long day of fun we all hit the sheets hard .Read my next post on Day 3&4 of our trip with Hollywood Studios and Epcot !
Thanks for reading

ps our baby annoucement happened to be the featured picture here too !!yay for Disney Magic!


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