Winter Decorations



These decorations were so fun and simple to make. Even my toddlers got in on the action.To start I went to a craft store . Michaels  had a ton of Christmas things 75% off.Which was pretty awesome since a lot of their branded Christmas stuff worked well for my winter project.
  Then I came home and laid out my six mason jars one for each step,6 tealights that were electronic  (2 Parinoid for real ones)bag of pinecones,bag of fake snow,a bundle if white sparkly twigs and ribbon. My two year old had a blast counting out two pinecone per jar and turning on my votives.
My one year old helped me make the wreath by unwrapping all the mesh from the roll for my wreath:/ It took about 15 minutes to put everything together and up outside. We also added a snowman flag not pictured.
All in all I’m really pleased in how it all turned out!
Thanks for stopping by my spot!


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