Turkey Meatball/squash Recipe


So this is the only pic of the food I have because they literally ate it all ha.I love my slow cooker sooo much.Heres my latest dinner recipie and it’s pretty healthy for the most part.
For the spaghetti squash literally just cut and clean out.Then I placed it in my crock pot ,easy peasy. Secondly I threw about 3 pieces of bacon in the skillet.After I drained the grease I added chopped onion and covered it with garlic powder.We love garlic.Next I added all the above to the ground turkey.I also added a few dashes of rosemary and a couple big shakes of parsely.I left put the egg yolk (mainly because I forgot but they stayed toghther nicely so I found it wasn’t needed. Then I added some tomato basil sauce to the crockpot and rolled them into little Meatballs and placed around the squash. I then left it on high for 5 hours and low for 2 more. It was so delicious. My two year old asked for seconds :)I hope you enjoy!


One thought on “Turkey Meatball/squash Recipe

  1. I might have to try this. My nephews (age 4 & 3) are the pickiest eaters most of the time. One likes traditional spaghetti but the other doesn’t. Not sure why though. Maybe a twist on the recipe would entice them both.


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