New Jersey Vacation pt2






Vacations with my family is always fun.Its my passion to spend my days looking for fun new places to take the kiddos and also to just know that we will be looking forward to a new experience.
  We obviously have been to the beach before but my oldest was still little and I was pregnant so it’s still new for  the kids.
My hubby and I met in Ocean city (blog story for another day)and I do enjoy going there.I have memories from being little there and tons of fun memories from my hubby and I.The thing is I feel like the bars and nightlife and drunken teens tend to take over and I don’t want to bring my kids to that. So while I love it ,we tried something new.
The second leg of our Jersey Trip we went to Wildwood. We played in the sand,water and took fun goofy beach ball pictures which was really cool.
We ate really good pizza and I even tried a brocoli pizza wich my son ended up devouring. All in all it was a great day and change.I would definitely return but I still have other beaches on my list to try too:) Where are you vacationing this summer?


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