The Land Of Make Believe




Hello I figured while I have a peaceful minute I would update you about Day 1 of our trip to Jersey.We went to the Land Of Make Believe in hope,NJ. It was opened in 1974 but it’s still soo much fun for kids.We never made it to the water part because Bradley was getting a little fussy and it was hott but we spent a good 4_5 hours there still.Its set up carnival style .
Jakes favorite rides were the spinning trex dinasours.My favorite was Santas barn.You crawl /bend through the fireplace and up the steps through a christmas village. Very awesome. Jake was shy but loved it.
He even went on his 1st coaster there..Ahh he’s growing up to fast!!The food was okay but you could bring your own if you wanted.They also have a talking scarecrow if I was a kid I would have been amazed!!We will definitely be back again! !


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