Peaches and Procrastination


Today we visted Webers Farm in Maryland. We love going there ,especially in the fall.They have the best apple cider and their cider doughnuts surpass the ones from the apple core in Vermont! Today they were holding a peach festival with the barnyard activties .I jumped right on this opportunity because any time there’s wide spaces for my toddler to run and animals well heck sign me up.
The vendors were not that impressive but the fun climbing tires and animals never disappoint.Also the last time we were here I was pregnant in my last trimester so my husband took my then 1 year old down the slide.Afterwards Jake just looked confused / scared :/ This time I got to go with him and even though he was hesitant he loved it!I really can’t take credit though I think it’s the age..
The only person that are anything  peach was my 8 month old.It was beech nut baby food though sorry Webers.
I should be packing for our NJ adventure tommorow. ..I have laundry to do,travel patches to sew,travel bags to fill and suitcases to pack..Catch later from New Jersey (or when we get back)


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