Butternut Squash and other things


So I was going to make a post about my butternut squash dinner but in Hartmann fashion we were rushing around ate it and moved on with our day without a second thought:/ The recipie is below the post even though there’s no picture 😦
We have a babysitter now that we totally love that we found on care.com. It’s super scary to leave our babies with anyone but this lady has all her clearness and is really amazing. It’s so refreshing to know we will be able to start doing more stuff toghther now without the boys!Don’t get me wrong my kids are my world but my husbands my best friend and it so nice to grab dinner without cutting up food and picking up crayons every 3 minutes.
Thanks for stopping through!
.Prepare squash by cutting it and taking all the seeds out ,placing it in a baking dish with a little water at 350 for 45 mins about. .mine takes longer
.While that’s baking fry up ground beef
Rinse it off and fry up onions
.mix all ingredients with corn,beans and a little pasta sauce.
.Then clean out squash mixing it into the bowl with the other ingredients and placing it back in n the empty shell for serving.
.sprinkle cheese Ontop if desired
.salt/pepper to taste
*bonus save some squash and add cinnamon fir a late night snack 🙂


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