Vermont Vacation

20150715_121358This   is the Best Western in Waterbury Vt.Its about 15 minutes outside of Stowe and was a great place to stay. With the indoor pool that was heated and a hottub it met all our standard hotel needs:) 20150715_13431020150715_134615This place is where we had our arrival lunch.It was a little spend but pretty child friendly.Maxis made the most wonderful Bloody Mary I ever had.Homemade mix !!20150715_143236 20150715_144033 20150715_14410420150715_144223 20150715_151620 20150715_154658 20150715_155755Ben & Jerrys Factory tour was a huge highlight of our time. That place was amazing and smelled so good.The boys got to do free spin art and go on a factory tour.They give you  free samples at the end that were pretty big too:) 20150716_113102 20150716_114419 20150716_130647 20150716_121912 20150716_121901 20150716_130312Our day at Stowe Vermont was so memorable. We took a Gondala ride up the mountain to the cliff resturant. Where  my hubby and I indulged in some wine and calamari. The boys had a great time looking out at the views and checking out the surroundings.They even have a cute little gift shop at the top.It came in handy for the big floppy hat Bradley needed. The sun sneaks up on you up there so be prepared.Also we saw some people zip lining  (if only the boys were  older)and it looked like such a exhilarating ride! On the way down Jake wanted to ride on a seat alone.My boy has no fear.20150716_142919 20150716_143325 20150716_150802If your feeling adventurous check out Bingham Falls.Only bring very small kids if you have a person willing to walk down dipper rock while holding them.Not toddler friendly in that regard.Thankfully my hubby helped out alot with that.I ended up getting soaked by accident so also(long dresses not recommend )We did hang out here for a bit though and I did get better pictures, they are just on my husbands phone. 20150716_170931 20150716_180009 20150716_180012We ended our day at my husbands now favorite restaurant called The Resivour.He  tried put a pretty good beer sampler and order the steak and shrimp.It was seared perfectly. I ordered salmon and it was amazing.Jake had a hot dog and frys . We  were piggy so I didn’t get a picture but we all split chocolate Mousse for dessert.Guess who enjoyed it most??20150717_114452 20150717_114448 20150717_114445 20150717_113503 20150717_113419 20150717_113815 20150717_113035I was so sad my phone died because I didn’t even get a picture of the inside of the building with all the goodies inside.This was the last stop I really wanted to share.Its called the apple core and has a lunch and wine tasting in one building and a cider  doughnut shop in the other.It also sells jams and smells amazing. We order lunch and ate outside on a swing.Then had some cider doughnuts for dessert. I tried the wines and their flavors cow tipper and a Blueberry wine were by far my favorites.Vermont  was so fun the once Upon a time toy store to ordering pizza in bed with the boys it was a trip to remember.We will be visiting again.



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