Toddlers Travel Bags



Finally I have their travel bags toghther for tommorow night .Only thing not pictured is our travel cds and my Kindle with new educational apps uploaded:) In the top picture it’s my 7 month olds bag.Huggie toys like elmo,bee,and callilou are great for him.Then a teething toy since he is teething. Squishy books were a must and links.Baby cookies for a snack (when supervised and a musical toy.
  Jakes bag I got to be more creative.A alphabet monster made of a wipe box and bottle cap letters to feed it. Ninja turtle stickers and blank paper.Crayons and paper,cookie sheet for magnet play,and two of his favorite and very loved books.Cheerios to string on pipe cleaners and pom poms to squish in a bottle  (bottle with holes not shiwn. still cutting it 🙂 )lately flash cards.
Hoping all of this will give anyone with little ones ideas in travel with little ines.Every trip I mix it up so I will be posting again when we do this again. Thanks for reading!


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