Home is where the Hartmanns are


I have decided to be finished with the photo challenges on my blog.As much fun as it was in the beginning I feel it is overtaking what I orginally set out to do.I want my blog to be a place where I post recipies,art projects,vacation reviews and home making tips and ideas.I want other people and parents to read my stories about mommy hood and those types of things.This photochallenge has me worried about what picture I’m going to post for “ice cream” instead of sharing stories with you from the heart.It has me looking for pictures to share for exquisite details instead of funny things my boys are doing .I have decided it’s time to get real.Thanks for sticking through those posts and learning more about me.Stay tuned tommorow a father’s day post is coming.Cross your fingers my bacon boquet is going to  turn out.Pictures to come.


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