Charming/exquisite details


I totally fell asleep yesterday after running around all day.We signed up both boys for the summer reading club at a library and spent the rest of the day running through the sprinkler and playing in the rain.So when we got home we all crashed.This picture is my photo for yesterday’s photo challenge charming. It’s a coffe my hubby brought me in bed.It was a charming act!!I know you are thinking “wait what about those charming sprinkler pictures???”….welll I was playing too and so was my hubby so no picture taker there it was a in the moment kind if thing !


This is for today’s exquisite detail.Its still early so I was thinking  about  older pictures I have taken and this was from the zoo last year.I think in our future  we  may end up with a snake!!A tiny one  that doesn’t eat mice eww.My son Jake is obsessed  with  them so in a few years we will revist this.
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