A few points for my younger self


Im not really  into thinking about changing the past . I believe that every choice I made has lead to me to where I am now. With the best husband in the whole wide world and two of the cutest kids on the planet. For the sake of a fun writing prompt and if I would still end up where I am I would like to give my younger self all of 10 years ago these tips.

  • Do not give the guy from the bowling ally your number its a total waste of a few months
  • Car Insurance payments are not optional 🙂
  • Either is Emissions
  • Don’t bother taking those two college classes after highschool ,its a waste of money you wont go
  • Absolutely still take risks!!! I have great memories now because of it
  • Though others would heavily disagree with me that know me on this one..stay in that realationship that was Dramatic and crazy.It taught you what not to do in a relationship and how to communicate properly
  • Hug your grandma more
  • When you go to charge your mastercard for 2 seasons of party of 5 DONT!!!you never even watched them and threw yourself into a mess that tiook a  while to get out of.
  • Take better care of your car
  • Spend more time sleeping its a precious commodity that  I miss
  • Continue to eat what you want ,we don’t worry about the gym till about 22 😉
  • When you meet that cute guy with a tree tattoo on a bus pay attention. Hes your future husband.
  • Believe peoples actions as well as their words
  • Take a yoga class
  • stop going to that crazy psychic (it was a strange phase 9 years ago )
  • Dont save soap opera digest..everythings on line now
  • Stay positive



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