Homeless To Hollywod !

This guy has such an amazing tv voice that I just had to share. I think that second chances can be so hard to come by and especially if your circumstances are of this nature. I can not imagine what a rollercoaster ride this man is going on. Dr .Phil had this guy on his show a few years ago and made a point of saying  that people are going to tear him down. Especially since he was in so many words a dead beat dad ,didn’t pay his child support and was a alcoholic who left his family. There’s talk that he doesn’t deserve a second chance and us as a society should not build up this man who still isn’t stepping up to his responsibilities. This is my response to that.

I think that this man absolutely deserves a second chance . If he now has the money and resources to help him with his disease to be a better father and share his message ,why would we stand in the way of that. Also I think he has a god given talent and that his personal choices really do not have to do with any of that. I think that if we all zone in on one person in Hollywood that makes bad personal choices we could be opening up a can of worms because lets face it Hollywood is a shady place. Don’t  mistake me. I do not agree with what he has done an his record speaks for itself .But I feel I wasn’t put on this earth to judge people that’s not my job. I just wanted to share this awesome guys talent for what its worth. Please feel free to comment!

Thanks for reading.



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