Friday the 13th

20150213_103903Goodmorning everyone. I am just relaxing at home with my black cat Mr.Binx. Shhh don’t tell .I don’t want the superstitious Friday the 13th police coming over to get me 🙂 There are so many superstitions out in the world today and I may be guilty of a few but on Friday the 13th I just mainly look forward to the Friday the 13th movie marathons that come on tv.

It did get me really thinking though. Thinking about things that actually scare me . Not like mice,rats and things with tails.Trust me they frighten me.Seriously though things that make me cringe in terror.

For example the thought of parenting teenage boys frighten me to my core. I am not ready to shell out advice and how will I keep calm when girls break my poor kids hearts. I always want to do right by my children and be a example of where hard work and success will get you. It’s scary as a parent to trudge through not really knowing if your making the right decisions for these little people. So on that note happy the Friday the 13th and remember when you are avoiding the cracks in the ground and the black cats take a second to reflect on what really scares you today.If you are brave enough 🙂



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