Kindle App Attack

I am not a huge advocate on plopping my kids in front of a screen to learn things. With that being said I do think a little screen time can be ok if used appropriately.These are the following apps my little guy really likes.Hes not 2 yet so they are still challenging but he is learning alot at the same time he’s playing.

20150211_072248-1This app is his favorite and I admit I love it to.You just tap the picture and it counts .So if there are two hats you tap on each one and it counts up for you.

20150211_072254-1This is one called Learning Gems colors and shapes.It asks you to tap on a colored shape and gives you three choices .If you tap the wrong one it just disappears until you are left with the right choice.

20150211_072303-1This one above is called Learn The alphabet.The only thing my son likes is the sing along alphabet song.When I say likes I mean plays over and over and over again.It also has a link to alphabet youtube videos there’s also a place where you can page through the alphabet. 20150211_072310-1Lastly this one is called Learning Colors.It is similar to the learning shapes app. There are three doors titled Learn,Play,Guess.We play in guess.Its a color up top then three pictures below and you tap the corresponding color picture.In play it’s about dragging colors and we haven’t mastered that yet.In learn it’s just colors you swipe through.

There you have it our fun Apps.So what’s on your Kindle for your kids?



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