A few things about me

20150127_093349Alot of bloggers have had a about me post so I figured I would jump on the train and share a few things about myself !

  • I am a closet reality TV watcher.Do I enjoy party down south ,absolutely not..do I continue to watch ..absolutely  .
  • Sometimes I consider having 2 more kids.(my kids rock)
  •  My favorite movie genre is horror.
  • Sometimes I wear super bright or dark lipstick simply because it brightens my day.
  • I am obsessed with planning family day trips and vacations!I want my kids to travel everywhere !
  • My favorite holiday is Easter
  • I am deathly afraid of mice/rats
  • I think the sitcom Roseanne is hilarious and never gets old
  • When I’m sick/sad I like to curl up with my blanket and watch Dawsons Creek (something with all that teen angst makes me feel better  )
  • I think Dr Phil is genius
  • Eventually I want to be marriage councler  .It’s my dream job
  • My husband is actually my best friend. I know people say that but it’s true.Finding someone with the same values and thoughts on stuff in life is rare these days and I’m beyond blessed I found my mate:)
  • I love reading
  • I love my crockpot

That’s all for now!! G


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