My Meatballs Bring All The Firetrucks To The Yard

fire-truck2Forget milkshakes my Meatballs are where it’s at!!Yesterday night for dinner I made meatballs.My husband specifically wanted the homemade ones not the easy ones from the bag.

As I made them and put them in the oven I didn’t take into account the pan they were on . As they were cooking I started to notice the amazing smell was turning into a more smoky smell.Oops..

After we pulled out the Meatballs my oven was pouring out smoke. We opened the windows and doors and it seemed like it cleared out.After dinner I bathed my oldest and put him to bed.When I walked down stairs I noticed red flashing lights.

Outside of my house was three Firetrucks and the fire chief!!My nieghbor  called because of a funny smell and they had just replaced a part on their furnace and thought it was that.:) I had the honor of explaining to the ten firemen and neighbors  that I burned dinner and the grease dripped off the pan and smoked out the nieghborhood !!!!

Just another fun day in my life!!



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