Things I’d rather do then workout

20150126_082437-1Well its the first day of my workouts guys and I have no energy. I’m not off to a very good start!!I’m not following the meal plan to strictly this time around but I am making pretty healthy choices.  These are my thoughts on what I’d rather do…..

1.sleep_cant we all use a bit more 🙂 a movie with my son _ even the annoying ones better then making myself move

3.Go shopping _I’m sure I need something

4.catch up on my reading only a few pages left in my trashy novel how can I put that off!!

5.make phone calls I really don’t keep in touch as much as I should

6.paint my nails _can’t workout without pretty nails

7.vaccum_I need a clean house to workout

Pretty much anything other then workout !!But I know I need to so I’m off to do it !!!!

Thanks for reading! G


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