My Famous Beer Chili

20150118_144014The thing I get  asked for most to make for my husband is beer chili .Last night I made some for him and decided  to share the recipe with you.

  1. Brown your meat.I usually use ground turkey or ground beef but last night we tried it with deer meat!
  2. Sautee  onions
  3. Add kidney beans.I usually am cutting recipes on half because it’s just us two and now jake  so I use 2 cans.
  4. Add a can of corn.
  5. Add a can of diced tomatoes  (I just cut up tomatoes )
  6. Add 1 cans of diced chili peppers. (Skip this step if your toddler is eating it and doesn’t like spicy )
  7. Add 1 /3 cup honey
  8. Add 3 tbs chili powder. (I eye ball it)
  9. 2 beef bouillon cubes
  10. One can of beer
  11. Garlic as much or as little as you want
  12. Leave in crock pot on high 4_6 hours or low 8_10
  13. Add cheese and enjoy

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