When did this happen?

1421421091956My pots are hung up!!!I’m so excited. As my husband was hanging them up I gleefully hugged my baby and in my best sing songy  voice declared “the pots are hung up,the pots are hung up hey ho the pots are hung up”!!Then it hit me …when did this happen. In a million years I would never have imagined getting so excited over pots being hung up.Maybe a free drink or a vacation even a good shopping deal ,but pots..really? We have been planning out our kitchen and picking out paint swatches and stuff and now finally getting around to it. I think it’s so funny in retrospect that this sort of stuff is so exciting now!! Well that’s my little funny thought for the day.We are headed to Home Depot now (I will try and keep my excitement in check 🙂 )  G


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