Popular Toys In Our House

20150115_063018Hello!Today I wanted to share what toys my 16 month old had been really into this month.As soon as I got them together for the picture he was right there to play with them ! First on the list is his awesome   Crayola  coloring light up magna doodle.Its actually for ages 3+ but my son loves it.It also plays music.Next is his wallet.Not really a conventional toy but he wants to be just like his daddy. Then we have his super hero match game.He loves piling them up and looking at each card.He doesn’t understand the actual intention of the game but I play with him and help him match the pictures in piles.Lastly is his Winnie the pooh flash cards.This is a big favorite. The cards have been loved so much 🙂 We try and sort them by color ,shape and picture .He really likes to pretend to count them. I hope you enjoyed checking out our fun toys .Thankyou for reading.If you like what you read follow me:)   G


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