Top 10 Tips For Disney World With A Toddler/Infant


I love vacations so much ! Nothing makes me happier then planning fun family vacations.Last march/april we took our 7 month old on a trip to Disney World. It was so much fun and went very smoothly. Here are my tips to having success at the happiest place on earth with your little ones.

  1. Bring special car toys! I have special travel bags for my boys for vacation. At this point we just had Jake so we put in a new tigger and a bunch of cheap books we found at goodwill. Then we added some links and special toys he loves at home. He was still so little so he slept most of the way but it was and will continue be a great resource for car trips.
  2. Hotel off the resort! If you are like us and really  want the Disney experience without paying a ton then don’t be afraid to stay in a hotel off the resort. We stayed at the Ramada and  it was literally only 5 minuets away from everything! Also it was like thousands of  dollars cheaper .Eventually when our kids are older we would definitely love to stay in a resort hotel but we are saving that for when they can remember it.
  3. Bring your own stroller- With babies so young its nice to have your own stroller so they are comfortable . Also you save money there too!
  4. Don’t be afraid  to cancel reservations- There is so much to see in Disney World ad sometimes it can be overwhelming .We  had booked a dinner at 9:30 Pm at the dino  restaurant in downtown Disney but he was just to tired. Sometimes its worth canceling and avoiding melt down then being those crazy Disney parents.
  5. Book character dinners/breakfasts-I know your thinking that you definitely aren’t saving money here but its worth it.Then you don’t have too stand in those hot long lines with your baby.
  6. Make your dinner reservations early-We booked ours for 3:30 . That way the baby is still happy and not overly pooped from the day.
  7. Fast pass attractions for after dinner- This way you wont have to deal with super long lines as your day winds down.
  8. Buy  hat-It can get hot and a cute mickey hat is practical and a great souvenir.
  9. Nap- we took the cues from our son. If he was falling asleep we let him nap. Thats the other plus of having your own stroller too. We took him in a café in tomorowland and enjoyed the fireworks from a distance while he slept.
  10. Don’t book breakfast early the day after magic kingdom- No  matter how late or early you leave the Magic Kingdom its tiresome. We almost missed our  reservations the next morning!

That’s it !!! Thanks for reading. I hope these tips are helpful



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