Its the most wonderful time of the year


This was our Christmas card this year. I love seeing my oldest son interact with his brother:) Anyways like the song says it sure I the most wonderful time of year. But its also our busiest. We have tons of birthdays in our family to celebrate, now our youngest son birthday too, our anniversary and of course xmas shopping, wrapping and holiday preparing. Since we knew that our son was to be due this month we prepared a lot ahead of time and now that he is here and we are settling into the parenting life of two children it is time to jump back into the falllalaing of the holiday season. So in honor of this first post I want to share some of our family traditions we have started.

  • Our Traditions
  • We have a elf on the shelf Phillip
  • We read a holiday book under the tree as a countdown to xmas
  • We ride around and look at holiday lights
  • We vist santa at the mall
  • We make cookies(though this year only made sugar cookies because of schedules)

what kind of holiday traditions do you share with your family??

Thanks for checking out my blog



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